Save time with AI: transcribe voice messages and meeting recordings for free

Do you know this situation? You get a five-minute voice message and don't know if it's worth listening to. There's a handy little tool for your iPhone and Mac that does the work for you and extracts text from voice messages:


AI-powered audio transcription
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On the iPhone, for example, you can forward a WhatsApp message to the app via the share sheet and receive the transcribed text after a short time.

This works in many languages and locally on your cell phone, so that no information, for example about OpenAI, is transferred.

You can then copy the transcribed text or forward it to another program.

Of course, this also works in the other direction: instead of sending voice messages, you can dictate them and have them formulated into a message afterwards.

On the Mac, you can take the whole thing even further and use Audio Hijack Have meetings recorded and transcribed.

If the content and your data protection requirements allow it, you can then summarize the text using ChatGPT and generate a list of tasks that were discussed in the meeting.

This then only needs to be briefly checked and formatted.

Writing minutes has never been easier.

Please make sure to inform the participants of a meeting if you are recording it.

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